Service Desk Laptop Data Backup Policy

What you need:
  1. Your laptop
  2. Another storage medium:
    • External hard drive that works with your laptop
    • An account with an online storage provider
  3. Enough time to help you backup your data
    • A typical backup to an external hard drive takes about 10 minutes for 2-3 GB of data
What we provide:
  • Backup assistance
  • Backup education - so you can backup your data in the future by yourself
  • Hard Drive Removal - if your computer is in an unusable condition and you need files off of it
Our backup policy:
  • Customer provides a final destination at the time of the data backup (external hard drive, DVDs, online storage provider)
    • Note: the Service Desk can provide a temporary storage medium for your data if needed, however any data left on our storage devices cannot be accounted for after the current day’s repair. If a customer chooses to leave data on our devices, it is at their own risk
  • Customer must communicate to the tech any data they want backed up/saved. The Service Desk cannot be accountable for data that was not mentioned prior to starting the backup


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