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  • How do I log in to AWA?
  • Why do I see a login screen asking for Connection, Login Type, Client and Department?
  • Why won't it let me log on?
  • Why can't I see any workflows?


  • Oregon State University
  • Appworx or AWA users
  • Faculty/Staff


How do I log in?


Logging in

  • AWA uses OSU Login.  Enter your ONID account name and password and respond to the prompt for multifactor authentication.
  • AWA requires users to be on the OSU network, or connected to it through VPN.

Why do I see a strange login screen?

  • Occasionally, the following screen will appear.  If it does, set the following values and click Next to force AWA to use OSU's single sign-on process:
    • Login Type = SAML
    • Client = 1000 (or 1300, if connecting to PPRD)
    • Department = ONID


Why can't I see any workflows?

  1. You will only see workflows you have permission to run, depending on your access rights within Banner.  Check with your department if you need additional Banner access.

Why won't it let me log on?

  1. If access is denied:  Users must have Banner access to log in to AWA.  Access to AWA is automatically granted with Banner access, as established by a Dean or Department Head.
  2. If browser times out or displays a vague error such as cannot display page:  You must be connected to the OSU network to run AWA, either directly or via VPN.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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