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Guide for installing Kaltura Capture
ReadSpeaker is enabled for all Canvas users; ReadSpeaker TextAid must be enabled by adding External Tool >> ReadSpeaker TextAid to a Canvas course module.
This article is for users that are expecting to see a specific course in Canvas and it is not visible on the Canvas dashboard. This walks through the steps to add published courses to their Canvas dashboard, and what steps to take if the course is not listed on the "All Courses" page in Canvas.
Click Courses >> All Courses, then click Star Icons next to courses to select which courses will appear on Dashboard
Adjust Canvas Quiz availability dates and Time Limit to allow for DAS time extension accommodations.
Images not appearing for students in Canvas
Default settings for Zoom, and recommended settings for large lectures, small discussions, guest speakers, advisors and Zoom recording processing.
NameCoach allows instructors and student to record their name pronunciation and preferred pronouns in Canvas.