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Form to request account setup for a new employee in a Community Network or Cosine-supported department.

Form to request account removal or closure for an outgoing employee, student employee or associate in a Community Network-supported department.

Submit this request to reach Extension’s ECTU support team about issues in the Salesforce CRM or Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

You may also reach us by phone at 541-737-1682.
If this arrives M-F 8a-5p, it will be reviewed and we'll respond within 2 hours.
Other support resources:

Request a license for NVivo.

Request a SigmaPlot license.

Request an Imagine license.

Request a license for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Request a license for EndNote.

Submit a request for assistance with IP Connect (sunapsis).

Form to request a new SharePoint site.

Get help with MyOregonState or provide feedback and suggest features.

Form to request a Team in Microsoft Teams.

Request a loaner laptop or desktop computer so you can work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Teams - Request adding an external person to a Team

Request a license for SPSS.