Desktop Support

Support and service.

  • Service Type: Enabling
  • Security Rating: Confidential
  • Business Impact: High
  • Business Priority: Medium
  • Lines of Service:
    • How We Learn
    • How We Work
    • How We Operate the University
    • How We Conduct Research



A brief summary of this service

The Desktop Support service provides direct desktop support to CX customers. (Formerly known as "Community Network (CN)" and "Cosine".)


How this service adds value towards the mission of the university

Secure & operational computers and access to technical resources for daily work, research, instruction and outreach

Service Access

Request Access

How to access to this service

Contract with CX

Service Hours

When this service is available

Academic Year: see

Charges, Options & Fees

The cost for someone to access this service

$828 per person.


Who can access this service

CX customers:

  • Students: Some student employees
  • Employees: For a list of supported departments see IT Helpdesk for Employees
  • Departments: N/A
  • Associated Groups: N/A

Requirements for Access

Any additional requirements before a user can access this service


Support & Training


When support for this service is available

Service Desk hours, after hours support available at discretion of Director


What training is available for this service

No formal training necessary.

Service Management

Service Ownership

Contacts related to management or ownership of this service
  • Business Owner(s): Director of Customer Experience (Andrew Wheeler)
  • Business Contact(s):
  • Business Unit(s): Customer Experience
  • Service Owner(s): Director of Customer Experience (Andrew Wheeler)
  • Service Manager(s): Kirsten Petersen, Max Cohen
  • Escalation Contact(s): Standard


The cost to operate this service


Service Level Agreement

The agreed upon level of service between the provider and user

None at this time

Other Services


Services related to this service that are not Enabling or Enhancing

Service Desk, College IT


Services that must be in place for this service to be delivered

Active Directory auth, Microsoft stack, server hosting, file hosting


Services that enhance the value of this service and are not absolutely required

ITSM, Service Desk

Request Service


Service ID: 25514
Tue 1/23/18 12:40 PM
Wed 11/2/22 9:27 AM