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Academic Technology Consultation

Education and technology.

Active Directory

Accounts and groups

Administrative Application Security Access

Applications and security

API Integration Services

Web and integration

Appworx Job Scheduling

Hiring and scheduling

Audio-Video Integration

Audio and Video Tools

Authentication Services

User verification

Authorization Services

User authorization



Data and servers

Banner Data Integration Services

Data and integration

Banner Data Warehouse

Data and storage

Banner Finance

Administration and accounting

Banner Financial Aid

Administration and self-service

Banner HRIS

Administration and self-service

Banner Student

Administration and self-service

Banner Workflow

Workflow and data


Forwarding and printing

BeaverPrint Refund

Submit this form to request a refund for a BeaverPrint print job. Refunds will be only be granted in the case of a printing malfunction.
This form must be submitted within 12 hours of the faulty printout. Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified via email regarding this request. Please note that charges are posted to your OSU account every Friday morning. Refund requests received after the charges have been posted will result in a BeaverPrint credit instead of a refund.

Book Faculty Media Center Studio time

Use this service to book studio time at the Faculty Media Center Studio.


Collaboration and storage

Bridge (, Training Management System

Bridge is Oregon State University’s home for student, staff and volunteer training.

Broadcast Engineering

Tools and training


Cable TV - Add / Change

Add or change cable TV service.

Cable TV - Disconnect

Request cable TV service be disconnected.

Cabling Infrastructure

Infrastructure and installation

Campus Core Network

Internet and infrastructure

Campus Map

Location and mapping


Canvas learning platform


SSL and certificates

Citrix Apps

Remote computers and apps

Clickers, Classroom Response System

Audience response system

CN - Account Migration

Form to request moving a user account to or from a Community Network-supported department.

CN - Add or Remove LRP Status

Form to request changes to an LRP for a Community Network-supported department.

CN - Computer Hardware Recommendation

Form to request a recommendation for new computer hardware.

CN - Create New "Restricted" Folder

Form to request creation of a new restricted share for your department.

CN - Grant Access to an Existing Resource

Form to request granting a user access to a Community Network-supported resource, such as a shared mailbox or department share.

CN - New Employee Account Setup

Form to request account setup for a new employee in a Community Network-supported department.

CN - New Resource (General Mailbox, Calendar, Distribution List)

Form to request setup of a new general mailbox, calendar or distribution list.

CN - New Sponsored Account

Form to request an account that is sponsored by a department.

CN - Printer Recommendation

Form to request a recommendation for a new printer.

CN - Remove an Account

Form to request account removal or closure for an outgoing employee, student employee or associate in a Community Network-supported department.

CN - Schedule Office Move

Form to request moving computer equipment for a department.

CN - Surplus Pick-up

Form to request pick-up of computer hardware for surplus.

CN - Unify an Account

Form to request unifying a "CN" account with an ONID account.

Community Network Support

Support and service

Computer Classrooms

Computers and education

Computing Labs

Access and testing

Contact Canvas Consultation

Submit a request to receive assistance with Canvas at Oregon State University.

Contact Clicker / Classroom Response Support

Contact the Clickers support team for assistance with Clickers. Examples of a request are: a student missing clicker points; an instructor requesting course training.

Contact Kaltura / streaming support

Contact Kaltura / streaming support

Contact Learn@OregonState

Submit a request to receive assistance with Learn@OregonState technologies.

Contact the IS Cascades Service Desk

Submit this form to contact the IS Cascades Service Desk.

You may also reach us by phone at 541-737-8787.

Our service hours are M-F 8am-5pm.

We will review and respond to your request within those hours.

Other support contacts:
* Canvas Support: Click on "Help" in Canvas for contact info
* Qualtrics: 1-800-340-9194
* Zoom Support: 1-888-799-8854

Contact the Service Desk

Submit this form to contact the Service Desk.
You may also reach us by phone at 541-737-8787 or in person at Milne Computer Center room 201.
Term hours are M-F 8am-7pm and weekends 3pm-7pm.
Break and Summer hours are M-F 8am-5pm.
We will review and respond to your request within those hours.

Other support contacts:
* Canvas Support: Click on "Help" in Canvas for contact info
* Qualtrics: 1-800-340-9194
* Zoom Support: 1-888-799-8854

If you are trying to get transcripts, an ONID account is not required. You can use the self-help method at this website:

Contact Web and Mobile Services

Web and Mobile Services provides support for a number of digital services at OSU. Use this form to get support, offer feedback or report a bug. If you are dealing with an urgent issue that requires immediate attention, please call 541-737-1189.

COVID-19 Response - Request a Loaner Computer - Faculty/Staff

Request a loaner laptop or desktop computer so you can work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Custom Web Hosting

Content and hosting


Database Hosting

Servers and databases

Datacenter Services

Servers and hosting


Data and e-signatures

Domain Names

Purchase and configuration

Drupal Codebase

Hosting and content

Duo - Multi-factor authentication

Duo - Multi-factor authentication


Eduroam Help

Get help connecting to the eduroam wireless network.

Electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching

Evaluations and feedback

Encrypted SSN Vault

SSN software and encryption

Enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system

Form to enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system.


Documentation and evaluation

Exchange e-mail and calendar

Microsoft Exchange e-mail


Faculty Media Center

Consulting, media creation.


Google Drive

File storage and collaboration

Google E-mail and Calendar

Google E-mail and Calendar




Hyland OnBase

Document imaging and management.


I need help with Zoom!

I need help with Zoom!

In-Building Network Services

Connection and networking


Access and connection

IP Address Management

Registration and connection

IT Pros (DCA) Support

DCAs and support


Management and service



Streaming video platform



Grading and Canvas

Learning Space and Technology Design

Learning Space and Technology Design


Mailing Lists

Mailing and organization

Managed Servers

Windows and Linux

Media Production

Equipment and facilities

Microsoft Teams - Request a Team

Form to request a Team in Microsoft Teams.

Milne Lab Extended Hours Access

Form to request access to the Milne Computer Lab after normal Lab hours.

Mobile Device - Add / Change

Request mobile phone service or change existing mobile phone service.

Mobile Device - Disconnect

Request the disconnection of an OSU mobile device.

Multimedia Event Support

Video and audio

Multi-site Conferencing

Video and conferencing


Courses and planning

MyOregonState Help and Feedback

Get help with MyOregonState or provide feedback and suggest features.


Links and self-service


Network Access Control

Access and control

Network Security

Firewalls and security

Nolij Document Management

Documentation and collation



Software and DPP

ONID - Database

ONID - Database

ONID - File storage

ONID - File storage

ONID - Websites

ONID - Website hosting

ONID Services

Hosting and email

On-Prem Data Storage

Capacity and storage

On-Prem Sharepoint

Sharing and collaboration

Operational Data Store

Storage and data

ORCiD - Request assistance

Request assistance in linking your ONID and ORCID iD.


HR and payroll

OSU Drupal

Content and publishing

OSU Events Calendar

Planning and promotion

OSU Login

OSU Single sign-on service

OSU Mobile

Download and experience

OSU Software

Download and Purchase

OSU WordPress

Blogging and education


Presentation Support

Audio and video

Productivity Tools

Software and productivity



Surveys and analytics

Qualtrics - Transfer Survey Ownership

Form to request transfer of Qualtrics survey ownership to a new owner.


Remote Desktop Protocol

Software and access

Request a Tech Keep Teaching Assistant (TechKTA) for remote teaching via Zoom

Request help from a Keep Teaching Assistant for your Zoom based remote teaching session.

Request a Zoom webinar license

Request a Zoom webinar license

Request an ONID User name change

Form to request an ONID username change.

Resource 25-Schedule 25

Resource 25 and Schedule 25


Scholarship Management System

Application and awards

Service Desk

Technology and assistance

Student Multimedia Service

Consulting and presentations


Telecom - Auth Code

Request changes to telecom long distance authorization codes.

Telecom - Data Activation

Request data/Internet service at a location by OSU.

Telecom - Data Billing Change

Request a change in billing for data service.

Telecom - Data Deactivation

Request deactivation of data service.

Telecom - Data Repair

Request a data service repair.

Telecom - Dig Locate

Utilize this service to request investigation of a site before a dig is performed. This is done to ensure the dig will not interfere with OSU networking and telecommunications cables and infrastructure.

Telecom - Directory Change

Request changes to directory information.

Telecom - Name change

Submit information to update our records if a subscriber's name has changed.

Telecom - Other

Request any other telecom requests.

Telecom - Prewire / Rewire

Request pre-wiring or re-wiring telecom service.

Telecom - Remodel

Request telecom support for a remodel.

Telecom - Supplies

Request telecom supplies.

Telecom - Voice - Activation

Submit a request for a new phone / voice activation.

Telecom - Voice - Billing change

Request changes to your OSU Telecom billing configuration.

Telecom - Voice - Disconnect

Submit a request to disconnect voice / phone service.

Telecom - Voice - Enable Soft Phone

Request soft phone access for an OSU number.

Telecom - Voice - Phone Move

Request a move of your phone / voice service.

Telecom - Voice - Phone Repair

Request a phone repair.

Telecom - Voice - Programming Change

Request programming changes to your phone / voice service.

Telecom - Voice - Set Type Change

Request a different phone set type.

Telephone and Voice Services

Telephone and voice services


Unable to sign up / activate ONID account

Utilize this service / request form to get assistance signing up for your ONID account.


Video Conferencing

Installation and videoconferencing

Virtual Servers

Servers and hosting


Voice and email


Access and networking



Access and networking



Video and audio collaboration