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Utilize this service / request form to get assistance signing up for your ONID account.


The knowledgebase article linked below helps describe possible issues with the ONID sign-up process and how to proceed, based on your affiliation with OSU.
The OSU ID number is a nine digit number starting with 9. You should have received the number in as part of your admissions paperwork, or hiring process.
Unknown OSU ID number
Your OSU ID number is required to set up your ONID account. Please refer to this documentation to get your OSU ID number from the appropriate group, based on your affiliation with OSU.

Please provide the OSU ID number (9 digits long, beginning with the number 9) you are using to sign up for the ONID account.
What error / issue is preventing you from finishing the ONID sign up process?

Leverage this KB for assistance:
ONID Sign-up Documentation
Please refer to this documentation to help further with the signup process.

ONID Account SignUp - KB Article - internal
Refer to this section of the KB article for which place to warm transfer the customer.

Please provide a short description of the problem you encountered with the ONID account sign-up process.
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