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Create a media assignment in Canvas

Guide for creating a media assignment in Canvas

Kaltura - Accessing Kaltura from Safari

How to change cookie settings to access Kaltura on MacOS and iOS.

Kaltura - Accessing the Kaltura Editor

Guide to access the Kaltura Editor through MediaSpace/Canvas.

Kaltura - Adding captions to a video

Guide for adding your own captions to Kaltura videos. DAS can also provide captioning per request.

Kaltura - Categories

Kaltura Category

Kaltura - Changing Ownership/Permissions of your Media

Guide to reassign or share ownership of your media.

Kaltura - Channel

Guide to Kaltura Channels

Kaltura - Embedding media in a web page

Guide for embedding Kaltura media on a webpage

Kaltura - Embedding media into a Canvas Entry

Guide for how to embed Kaltura media in Canvas

Kaltura - How to allow downloading of my media?

Guide to downloading media on MediaSpace

Kaltura - How to attach a file to media

Guide for attaching a file to shared media in MediaSpace or Canvas.

Kaltura - How to distribute/publish your video

A guide on how to publish content to MediaSpace and a description of the different options for publication.

Kaltura - How to replace a video with another video?

Guide for replacing videos in MediaSpace.

Kaltura - How to see statistics/analytics about my videos?

Guide on how to view statistics about media posted on MediaSpace/Canvas.

Kaltura - How to share Kaltura media in Canvas

Guide for how to share Kaltura media in Canvas.

Kaltura - How to upload media in MediaSpace or Canvas

Guide to download or upload media to MediaSpace or Canvas

Kaltura - Inserting slides into a video

Guide to insert slides into a video in Kaltura. Slides will appear as a picture in the corner of the video.

Kaltura - Installing and launching Kaltura Capture

Guide for installing and using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura - Playlists

Guide to playlists in MediaSpace

Kaltura - Specifications / Miscellaneous

Specifications for what Kaltura supports.

Student Guide: General Instructions for Creating and Submitting Media to a Canvas Assignment

How to create, upload, and submit media to a Canvas assignment