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CN - Accessing CN Account Exports

This article will walk through accessing an exported accounts data.

CN - Allow Remote Access on Mojave Macs

How to allow applications, such as remote desktop programs, to run on Mac OD 10.14 Mojave.

CN - Community Network Accounts

Overview of CN accounts, fees and how to request an account.

CN - ESET Antivirus for Mac

The chosen antivirus software for deployment on university macOS devices.

CN - How to Connect to CN Lite

CN Lite is a Windows terminal server available to CN users. This article outlines how to connect to CN Lite on Windows and Mac platforms.

CN - Ricoh MP-C4504EX sending scanned TIFF images

How to change default scanned file type from TIFF to PDF for Ricoh MP-C4504EX copier

CN - What is an LRP?

Describes the role and responsibilities of a CN LRP.

CN - Windows File Sharing

Shows Windows users how to share files through the local network using an SMB format.

Using MyCN to share a file or folder

An article that describes how to share a file by utilizing MyCN.