Alpine on Linux/Unix - Manual IMAP Setup for Exchange

This information applies to employees and associates.


An employee would like to configure Alpine (an IMAP client) to connect to OSU's Exchange email system.


OSU's Exchange system supports connections from any standard IMAP client. The instructions below are specifically for connecting from, where Alpine is already installed. These instructions may be adapted for use on other systems. 


  • You must have a mailbox on the OSU Exchange email system.
  • You will need an SSH application. SH is built-in on macOS. For Windows, Putty is a good, free tool.


  • Make an SSH connection to
  • To make a new Alpine configuration file, enter the following command: cp .pinerc .pinerc-exchange
  • Edit the new pinerc file: vi .pinerc-exchange
  • Set the following fields:

personal-name = <your username>
user-domain =
inbox-path = {}Inbox

  • Run Alpine with the new configuration file: alpine -p .pinerc-exchange
  • Enter your password when prompted.
  • You may change other settings within Alpine by entering "Setup" and selecting "Configuration".

Disclaimer: Please note that all support for Linux/Unix is provided as "best effort" only and these instructions may not work on all systems.


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