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How do I configure my Exchange account in Outlook 2010 if the Automatic Conneciton doesn't work?


Setting up an Exchange connection manually is not the preferred method to connect to your account, like the IMAP section the manual configuraiton serves as an alternative method to the automatic connection.

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  1. Open Outlook 2010.
  2. Click File then click Account Settings and Account Settings again.
  3. Click the New button on this page.
  4. Click the Manually Configure Server Settings option, then click Next
  5. Select the Microsoft Exchange or Compatible Service option, then click Next
  6. On the next page, type exmail.oregonstate.edu in the Server box
  7. Type your username in the User name box, and click Check Name
  8. If a box opens asking for your username and password, put your full username@oregonstate.edu email in the User Name box. Enter your email password in the Password box.
  9. Select your name on the list of entries that come up (Should be the top result, do not select ONID).
  10. Click OK. The User Name box should then be filled in with your last and first name
  11. Click the More Settings button
  12. Click the Connection tab
  13. Under the Outlook Anywhere section, check the box next to Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  14. Click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button
  15. A separate settings box should open, fill in the following information:
    • Under the Use this URL to connect to my proxy server section, type exmail.oregonstate.edu
    • Check the box next to Connect using SSL only
    • Check the box next to Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name and enter msstd:exmail.oregonstate.edu in the box
    • Check the box next to On slow networks, connect using HTTP first
    • Under the Proxy authentication settings section, change the dropdown menu to NTLM Authentication
    • Click the OK button
  16. Click the Apply button, then click OK
  17. Click the Next button
  18. Click the Finish button
  19. A password popup box may open. Enter your email password and check the Remember my password box if you don't want it to ask you each time you open Outlook.

Outlook should then be set up, and you will be able to access your email on or off campus.

Note: This setup method also enables "Outlook Anywhere" by default, which allows you to access your email from off campus without using VPN. However, if you use outlook .pst files on another machine (such as a work machine), VPNis required to access those files.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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