Entourage for Mac - IMAP Connection Configuration


Microsoft Entourage is an alternate email client that you might use for Mac. Do note that this product has been discontinued and was officially replaced with the Microsoft Outlook software series.


  • Have an ONID Gmail account
  • Have a Mac device
  • Have Entourage installed
  • Have an internet connection


Note: You must have IMAP enabled before attempting to connect your ONID Gmail to your Outlook application. For more information, please visit the  Google FAQ  on where to find the IMAP settings.

  1. Open Entourage. If this is the first time opening the program, a Entourage Setup Assistant box may open. Please close this box.
  2. Open the  Tools  menu and choose  Accounts .
  3. Click on  New .
  4. If the Account Setup Assistant window appears, click the Configure Account Manually button.
  5. Select  IMAP  from the Account type drop-down list and click  OK .
  6. Enter an  Account Name  which you will use to identify the account, such as "oregonstate.edu" or "ONID email" (this can be anything you want)
  7. Enter your  Name  the way you want other people to see when they receive your e-mail.
  8. Enter your  E-mail Address.  
  9. Enter your  ONID username  in the Account ID field.
  10. The  IMAP server name  is " imap.gmail.com ".
  11. Click the  Click here for advanced receiving options  button.
  12. Check the  This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL)  box and close the window.
  13. The  SMTP server  is " smtp.gmail.com ".
  14. Click the  Click here for advanced sending options  button.
  15. Check the  SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL)  button.
  16. Check the  Override default port  button and type " 465 " or " 587 ".
  17. Check the  SMTP server requires authentication  box.
  18. Check the  Use same settings as receiving mail server  box and close the window.
  19. Click  OK .
  20. Enter your ONID password when prompted.
  21. Close the Accounts window.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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