Outlook on Mac - IMAP Connection Configuration


Outlook can be configure to receive emails from your ONID Gmail account. Allowing you to check multiple email accounts in one email client.


  • Have an ONID Gmail account
  • Have a Mac device
  • Have Outlook installed
  • Have an internet connection


Please note that you must have IMAP enabled before attempting to connect your ONID Gmail to your Outlook application. For more information, please visit the Google FAQ on where to find the IMAP settings.

  1. Open  Outlook 
  2. Once open, click the " Outlook " menu, then click " Preferences "
  3. Under the " Personal Settings " area, click on " Accounts "
  4. Click the "+" symbol in the lower left-hand corner, and select the " E-mail... " option 
  5. Fill in your ONID Email Address  in the " User name: " section. The box should then widen out and allow you to fill out additional information, such as your password.Please enter your corresponding ONID password in the password field.
  6. Select " IMAP " from the  Type  dropdown menu
  7. In the  Incoming Server  section, type " imap.gmail.com ".
  8. Check the box next to Use SSL to Connect
  9. In the Outgoing Server section, type " smtp.gmail.com ".
  10. Check the box next to to  Use SSL to Connect  and set the port to " 465 " or " 587 "
  11. Under More Options , change the authentication to use incoming mail settings. 
  12. Click " Add Account " and it will start downloading your mail. If you receive a login error message asking if you would like to re-enter your password, click  Yes  and type in your ONID password again.

Note : Retrieving your e-mail, calendar appointments and tasks can take some time. The amount of time is dependent on the size of your mailbox and the connection you are using. E.g. - If you have a slower off campus connection, the time to load your mailbox will take longer.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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