Lync - Creating a Persistent Chat Room


Persistent chat is the Lync 2013 version of a chat room. With persistent chat, you can create topic-specific chat rooms that aren’t deleted. This means that once a person joins a chat room, they will always have access to that conversation and everything said there will be displayed even if they weren't there when it was posted.

A benefit of persistent chat is the ability to check in with the chat rooms, without getting constant notifications for every message, unless of course the chat is currently open. Additionally someone with access to the chat room can see the chat’s entire conversation history, meaning information does not need to be repeated.


  • Have an Exchange account
  • Have Microsoft Lync installed
  • Have an internet connection


  1. Click on the chat rooms button on yoru lync client
  2. Press the + sign and select "create a chat room"
  3. You will then be redirected to a webpage and asked to login, use your exchange? credentials (if you have a unified account use, otherwise use cn\username for username)
  4. Choose Create A New Room from the next page (This page is where you would be able to select any other chat room you are a manager off)
  5. There are several options on the next page to fill out:
    1. Room Name- This will be the name of your room. We recommend a concise name that accurately represents the topic of the chat room
    2. Description- Enter a more in depth description of what the chat room is to be used for here
    3. Privacy- Select what level of security you want
    4. Add-in- Any web applications will be added here. The default is blank and shouldn't be touched unless you know what the application does.
    5. Managers- Add the email address of everyone you wish to moderate and administrate the chat room here.
    6. Members- Add the email address of everyone you wish to participate in the chat room here
    7. Invitations- Choose whether you want an invitation email sent or not
  6. Once all those options are complete, press Create to finish

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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