Messages to ONID Email for a Past User

Symptoms or Request:

Sometimes after setting up a new ONID account, you may receive email for a previous user with the same username.


Up until recently, ONID usernames were removed from the system when people left, and the usernames could then be recreated for any new user. Recently OSU stopped recycling ONID usernames. However, names that had been released prior to that date can still be recreated for new people today.


There is currently no solution to this problem. However, the following work-arounds may help:

  1. If the unwanted emails are being sent to an old email address format - such as - you can set up a mailbox filter to move the messages to the Trash folder.
  2. If the unwanted emails are from individual senders, respond to the senders and explain that the person who previously had that address is gone.
  3. For bulk messages, use the "unsubscribe" option to stop receiving messages.

Please note that ONID username changes are only made in the case of legal name changes or instances when the ONID username generated by the system is offensive.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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Thu 2/1/18 11:13 PM
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