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How to schedule Webex Enabled Telepresence (WET) conferences


This article will walk you through setting up a WebEx session with Video Conferencing Equipment.


  • Have an active ONID account
  • Have an active WebEx account (See Step 1)
  • Have a laptop or desktop
  • Have an internet connection


  1. You have must logged into at some point prior, before continuing. In doing so, this automatically creates a WebEx account for you.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3.  Enter ONID username and password. Some browsers require onid\ and some do not.
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Click the Open Smart Scheduler button.
  6. Click the green New Meeting button.
  7. Enter the meeting title and select the Start and End date/time. The meeting will start and end at the exact times that you enter. It does NOT auto-extend the meeting based on use.
  8. Click in the Add Telepresence Rooms box and type in the room name.
  9. Select the room and it should place it in the list below the search box
  10. If you cannot find your room or need to have a video/audio site dial in, select the 3 horizontal lines button.
  11. Increase the number of video or audio participants as needed. Even though it says SIP call-in, H323 or IP address dialing does work as well.
  12.  Click WebEx and then the box next to Enable WebEx. A meeting password is OPTIONAL.
  13. Click the green Save button.
  14. You will be forwarded to a page with the conference you just scheduled.
  15. You can click the meeting title to edit/make changes to the scheduled meeting.
  16. You will receive 3 confirmation emails, 2 of them are for your records and the email with Forward to others in the subject line is the one you would send to people who need to join the WebEx session.

Please note:

If you need a WebEx Enabled TelePresence (WET) meeting recorded, please email after scheduling/saving the meeting. Include the meeting title, date/time and meeting number for the meeting that needs to be recorded. MCS will reply back with instructions on how to edit and add the recording profile to your meeting.

If a WET meeting is setup with a "Recording Profile", all video, audio and content will be recorded. If you click the "Record" button within a WebEx session (from computer) during a WET meeting you will only record the audio and content, no video is captured. In a WebEx session without any TelePresence, the "Record" button does capture all audio, content and video.

If you need any assistance, feel free to call the Service Desk at 541-737-8787.


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