ONID Cyrus Mail - Setup Mac Mail on Mac


How do I configure my Legacy ONID email account on Mac Mail?


  • Oregon State
    • Cyrus Email Client
      • Mac
        • Mac Mail


  1. Open Mac OS X Mail.
  2. The first time you run Mac OS X Mail, it will ask you to set up your mail account. Otherwise, follow these steps:
  3. Open the Mail menu and choose Preferences ...
  4. Click on Accounts on the top menu.
  5. Click the (plus) button at the bottom left to add a new account.
  6. Enter your name - this is what other people will see when they receive your e-mail.
  7. Enter your ONID  E-mail Address
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. Select IMAP from the Account Type drop-down list.
  10. Type "ONID email" in the Description field.
  11. The Incoming Mail Server name is imap.onid.oregonstate.edu 
  12. Enter your ONID username in the User Name field. 
  13. Enter your ONID password in the Password field.
  14. Click the Continue button.
  15. Mac OS X Mail will verify the settings.The Outgoing Mail Server window will appear next.
  16. Type OSU in the Description field.
  17. The Outgoing Mail Server name is mail.oregonstate.edu.
  18. Check the Use Authentication box. Enter your ONID username and password if they are not already there.
  19. Click the Continue button.
  20. Mac OS X Mail will verify the settings. The Account Summary window will appear next.
  21. Click the Create button.
  22. The settings box will close, and you should be taken back out to the account settings page. Once you are there, click on the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown list, and click Edit SMTP Server List.
  23. Click on the Advanced tab at the bottom half of this settings page
  24. Select the Use Custom Port option and type 587
  25. Click OK
  26. Close all open settings boxes


For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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