Outlook Web App - Exporting a Range of Calendar Events


How do I add an additional Exchange calendar on the Outlook Web App?


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  1. Be signed into the Outlook Web App: exmail.oregonstate.edu
  2. Select a calendar to make it the active calendar in the view.
  3. On the File menu, click Save As.
  4. Type a name for the iCal file in the File name text box. This name should be something you can remember easily.
    A summary of the calendar and its dates will be next to More Options. If all the fields are set to what you desire continue to 8, otherwise go on to 5.
  5. Click More Options.
  6. From the Date Range list, choose the amount of calendar data to include in the iCal file, or click Specify dates to enter a custom date range.
  7. From the Detail list, choose the amount of detail to show the recipients. By default, the Availability only option is selected. None of the options include your items marked private unless you change the privacy option in Advanced.
  8. Click OK and then click Save.
  9. Log onto your Google Calendar account.
  10. Click Settings at the top of the page.
  11. Under Calendar Settings, click Import Calendar.
  12. Under Step 1: Select File click Browse, select the Google Calendar where you want to import your Outlook calendar.
  13. Under Step 2: Choose Calendar select the Google Calendar where you want to import your Outlook calendar.
  14. Under Step 3: Complete Import, click Import.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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