Wireless Coverage Issues in Some Locations

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  • Why is the wireless coverage poor in a given location?


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The following areas are known to have poor wireless network coverage at this time:

  • Waldo hall - especially 1st floor and 4th floor. The construction of this building tends to interrupt wireless signals.
  • Wiegand
  • Withycombe
  • Pharmacy
  • Fairbanks - this building is due to be refurbished, so network upgrades are delayed
  • Cordley - this building is due to be refurbished, so network upgrades are delayed
  • Some areas in OSU-Cascades Living Learning Building

Wireless in the following areas have been recently upgraded (as of Fall 2018):

  • All general purpose classrooms
  • Crops building
  • Magruder hall
  • Nypro


The network team routinely assesses wireless coverage in campus buildings for areas that need additional coverage or newer access points. Network funding is used to cover upgrades on a schedule determined by the Director of Network Services. Priority is generally given to areas used by students. Departments have the option to pay for wireless upgrades ahead of schedule.

Most office areas have wired network connectivity that can be used in lieu of the wireless network. For assistance connecting to the wired network, contact the IS Service Desk or your department IT.


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