Zoom - Transition Webex Meetings to Zoom


  • How do I transfer my Webex meetings to Zoom?
  • How do I move my Webex meetings over to Zoom?
  • Can I move my Webex meetings to Zoom?


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff/Students
  • Zoom Users
  • Webex Users


OSU’s Webex license is set to expire July 31st 2019, at which time any access and/or use of Webex will not work. Additionally, any future scheduled or on-demand Webex meetings/events would not work. We encourage that Webex users move their scheduled Webex meetings to Zoom using the steps below.


Step 1 - Locate/Cancel Webex Meeting(s)

  1.       Log into http://oregonstate.webex.com
  2.       Click Webex Meetings from the TOP menu bar.
  3.       Click on My Meetings from the LEFT menu bar.
  4.       Use the different Monthly tab to help locate the above listed meetings
  5.       Click on your Meeting Title(s) from the calendar view
  6.       When the meeting information page loads, select “Cancel meeting
  7.       Click “OK” on the pop-up showing “Do you really want to cancel this meeting?
  8.       Click “Send” on the pop-up showing “Do you want to cancel this meeting and notify all attendees?”
  9.       Confirm meeting has been cancelled from the Meeting Canceled screen that should appear.

Step 2 - Login to Zoom/Reschedule Meeting (cancelled Webex meeting)

  1.    Visit http://zoom.oregonstate.edu and click “Login to Zoom
  2.    Proceed through the OSU’s sign-in process (ONID Username/Password) This will establish a Zoom account for you, if you do not have one already.
  3.    Once signed in, you will land on a Zoom page that says “The user does not have any upcoming meetings. To schedule a new meeting click Schedule a Meeting.”
  4.    Click the orange button at the top of the screen that say “Schedule a New Meeting
  5.    Enter your meeting details from the recently canceled Webex Meeting.
  6.    Click Save
  7.    From the pop-up window, copy meeting invitation information and share with attendees whom will be participating.

Please visit http://zoom.oregonstate.edu for additional information, or email us at zoom.support@oregonstate.edu with questions/concerns. We would be happy to help you as you complete these steps.


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