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Enable Course Merge tool in Settings >> Navigation; click Course Merge in course menu to select courses to merge/un-merge
Combined courses are automatically generated from courses with same course number and instructors in Banner. Combined courses are created by indicating crosslisting of the courses in Banner.
ReadSpeaker is enabled for all Canvas users; ReadSpeaker TextAid must be enabled by adding External Tool >> ReadSpeaker TextAid to a Canvas course module.
In Canvas, click Account >> Profile >> My Studio Sites. Follow prompts.
Non-OSU individual creates account at using social media login; Non-OSU individual provides social login email used to Studio site leader.
Guide to reassign or share ownership of your media.
Create a File Upload or Text Box assignment in Canvas; select Turnitin as the Plagiarism Review option.
Upload media to Canvas through My Media
Create a web cam or screen recording with Kaltura Capture
Delete a Studio site in Account >> Profile >>My Studio sites using the Modify tool
This article is for users that are registered for courses on Canvas, but those courses did not get added to their dashboard automatically. This walks through the steps to add published courses to their Canvas dashboard.
Click Account >> Profile >> My Studio Site >> Modify to access tools for Studio sites
Edit the Canvas assignment, click the '+Add' button, type the name of the student(s) and select, enter alternative due date, save.
Create Gradescope account using ONID email at; enable Gradescope menu item in course navigation.