VPN - When to Use VPN


  • What OSU services require VPN?
  • When should I use the VPN or alternatives?
  • Which connection type should I use when connecting to the VPN?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employees, Students and Associates


What is the VPN?

The virtual private network (VPN) service provided to OSU allows network users to access the OSU internal network across a public network, via the Internet. Once connected, users can send and receive data across this secure connection as if their device were on campus. The VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet from a private network (a residence, coffee shop, hotel, vacation destination, etc.) to a pool of devices maintained by Network Services. VPN gives the user a secure connection to the OSU network along with an on-campus IP address.


When to Use the VPN

If you are handling sensitive or confidential data, use of the VPN from off-campus is required to secure your connection and protect the data you access. In some cases, use of an OSU-owned computer is also required. For more information, see: Keep Working - Remote Resource and Service Access

If you are not handling sensitive or confidential data, you may not need to use the VPN. The VPN is a limited resource, so it is better not to use it when you don't need to. There are several alternatives to the VPN, depending on your use case. See: VPN - Troubleshooting and Alternatives

Please note that connecting to the VPN will slow your performance for some services, such as video conferencing. If you are doing video conferencing, disconnect from the VPN first. If you need to be connected to the VPN while doing video conferencing, the split tunnel connection type is recommended over full tunnel. For more information about VPN connection types, see: VPN - Full-Tunnel vs. Split-Tunnel

Services That Do or Do Not Require VPN

The following is a list of commonly used services. Note that many of these do not require VPN to access.


Requires VPN

Appworx, AWA Yes
Acquia Dev Yes, full tunnel only
Banner VPN is strongly recommended for remote access to Banner
BennyBuy No
Box No
Canvas No
Citrix Apps No
CORE No, but VPN required for Tableau, Jaspersoft and strongly recommended when accessing PII/PHI/Confidential Data
CN-Share, CN-Home Yes, but MyCN allows access to CN-Share and CN-Home without VPN
DocuSign No
Email (Exchange or Gmail) No
EmpCenter No
GRS (Grant Reporting System) Yes
Hyland Onbase

Web-based: No
Hyland Client: Yes

JasperSoft (within CORE) Yes
Kaltura, MediaSpace No
MyDegrees No, but advisors should use VPN
MyOregonState and OSU Online Services No, but some links within MyOregonState require VPN
MyOregonState online dashboard No, but some links within MyOregonState require VPN
Microsoft Office 365 No
Microsoft Teams No
Nolij Yes, but web-based Hyland does not require VPN
OSU Events Calendar (Localist) No
Qualtrics No
SalesForce No
Site Licensed Software Server Yes
TRES (Travel and Expense Reporting) No
Voicemail - Web Phone Manager No
Zoom No

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