VPN - Can't Access Acquia Dev when Connected to the VPN


  • I get an "Access Denied" error when I try to get to a site on dev.acquia.cws.oregonstate.edu
  • Even if I connect to the OSU VPN, I still can't get to Acquia Dev sites


  • Oregon State University
  • Acquia Dev


Access to the Acquia Dev site is restricted to the OSU network. Because Acquia Dev is hosted off-site, the split tunnel VPN configuration means that Acquia sees you as not being on OSU's network.


Connect to the new VPN server - vpn.oregonstate.edu - and select the full tunnel option. The full tunnel option is the default on vpn.oregonstate.edu.

The new VPN server requires the latest Cisco AnyConnect client, which can be downloaded here: https://oregonstate.box.com/v/cisco-vpn-clients. For full VPN installation steps, see the VPN setup guide and select your operating system.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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Thu 4/2/20 4:26 PM
Fri 9/18/20 10:30 AM