Virtual Campus Labs Quick Reference Guide

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A few tips for this virtual computer

  • Contact the Service Desk with any questions or problems.
  • Don't save your work on the C: drive!  Each time you log in it may be on a different virtual computer, so you will not have access to any of your work saved on the previous C: drive.  Instead, save to one of the following:
    • ONID drive (Z: drive)
    • Box
    • Google Drive
    • Other cloud storage
  • Log out when you’re finished:

  • There is an hourly session timeout warning: just click "OK" to keep working for another hour. If you don't click OK within 60 minutes you may be logged off automatically to make the virtual computer available to someone else.
  • If you need help outside of Service Desk hours, try searching the knowledgebase – it has articles covering many topics.
  • Milne Computer Lab is still open, M-F 8-5.


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