VPN - Switch from "Full Tunnel" to "Split Tunnel" VPN


  • How do I switch from "Full Tunnel" to "Split Tunnel" when using Virtual Private Network (VPN)?


  • Employee, Student or Associate
  • Remote Access
  • VPN


Full tunnel VPN is the default recommendation and the most secure especially when accessing systems that have “confidential” data. Split tunnel is acceptable when accessing “sensitive” and “confidential” data and is now recommended with the amount of video applications users are leveraging especially during remote work. If you already have your VPN setup with “Full Tunnel” and you want to switch to “Split Tunnel” follow these instructions:


  1. If you are already connected to VPN, you should see this icon in your system tray. You can right-click this icon and choose to disconnect or quit the VPN connection.
  2. Select “Disconnect”
  3. Open Cisco AnyConnect VPN software.
  4. Enter vpn.oregonstate.edu in the blank white-space and click Connect.
  5. A Cisco AnyConnect Login screen will appear with a connection type window behind it. ◦Full tunnel vs. Split Tunnel selection: Hidden behind the login screen will be another window labeled "Cisco AnyConnect | vpn.oregonstate.edu" where you can select your connection type.




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