MS Teams - Team or Private Channel with No Owners or Members


  • There is a private channel in my team with no members. How do I modify or delete the private channel?
  • There are no owners on a private team; I need to be added as an owner.


  • Oregon State University
  • MS Teams


A team owner cannot modify a private channel within that team unless they are also an owner of the private team. If there are no owners for a team or private channel, an administrator needs to re-add an owner. 

For this reason, we recommend that all teams and private channels have at least 2 owners.


Contact the Service Desk for assistance. Service Desk will escalate the request to Infrastructure for resolution.

If a private channel within a team has no members, Infrastructure can re-add members or owners to the private channel.

If a private channel has any members still assigned to it, Infrastructure can make one of those members an owner.

If a private team has any members, Infrastructure can make one or more of the members into owners.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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