MS Bookings - Set Your Time Zone


  • How do I set my Microsoft Bookings calendar time zone?
  • Why is my availability showing up in a Universal Time Zone and how do I change it?


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When you first use MS Bookings, the calendar may default to a Universal Time Zone. You need to set your current time zone for your availability to show up correctly.


  1. From inside your Microsoft Bookings calendar webpage click on the "Booking Page" tab within the left-side menu
  2. Below "Region and time zone settings" (at the bottom of the page) click "Change language and time zone settings". Note that in the New Bookings view, you will skip this step.
  3. Change the "Current time zone" to your current time zone
  4. It is not recommended to select "Always show time slots in business time zone" unless you only ever meet with people in your current time zone, this way when people are booking time with you they can choose how to display your availability based on their time zone.

Note: If there are still issues with your time zone, you may need to double check that your Outlook Calendar time zone matches the one you have set in Bookings.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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