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  • How do I export my MS Bookings activities?
  • How do I see my MS Bookings appointment data?
  • Does MS Bookings provide appointment data?


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MS Bookings has a default report available that displays high-level appointment data. The report includes 120 days of appointment data; the past 60 days and the future 60 days. It is presented in a TSV file that can be changed into a XLS file to be opened in Excel.


Step 1 - Export the data from MS Bookings

  1. From the MS Bookings webpage, select the "Home" tab on the left-side menu
  2. Click on the blue link that says "Export 120 day view using a TSV file." under "Booking activities (30 days)
  3. When the download pop-up opens, select "Save File"

Step 2 - Edit the data file and open in Excel

  1. Open your file viewer and select the .TSV data file that was just downloaded (it should be named "BookingsReportingData.tsv"
  2. Highlight the .TSV data file, right click on it and select "Rename"
  3. Rename the file from "BookingsReportingData.tsv" to "BookingsReportingData.xls"
  4. You will be prompted with an alert notifying you that you are changing the file type, choose to change the name
  5. Open the newly renamed file with Excel
  6. Re-Save the opened Excel worksheet by clicking "Save As" then changing the file type to an Excel workbook (*.xlsx) to an easy to find location on your computer


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