MS Bookings - Common Terms and Definitions


  • What does "____" mean in MS Bookings?
  • Why are there so many business terms within MS Bookings?
  • How do I translate the business terms within MS Booking to my experience at the university?
  • Who is the "business" or "customers" of MS Bookings?


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MS Bookings was initially developed for small businesses such as salons or sales offices, so the language used on the interface does not exactly match University usage. This does not preclude OSU employees from using the tool to help book their appointments within the academic setting.

Common Terms and Definitions

  • Bookings: unless referring to the MS Bookings application itself, “bookings” means “appointments”
  • Staff: any people who are taking appointments through MS Bookings. These can be faculty or staff, GTAs, student workers, or anyone you want to make available to book appointments with via MS Bookings
  • Business: this is the organizational unit which the Bookings calendar will provide appointments for. Examples of a “business” might be an academic advising unit/department, a student services office, or an individuals name. Within that "businesses" calendar, you assign one or more staff who can accept appointments using the same calendar
  • Customers: these will probably be students, but could be anyone else inside or outside of the University that you expect to request appointments using the calendar
  • Booking page: this is the appointment scheduling page that people use to book their appointments with you via the service offerings you set up
  • Services: these are the types of appointments you offer. Examples may include: 20-minute meeting, spring term registration discussion, graduation planning session, registration troubleshooting, or even a group event


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