MS Bookings - Create a New Appointment for A Student


  • How do I create an appointment for a student?
  • How do I book an appointment for someone else with MS Bookings?


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Some students who need to book appointments with individuals who use MS Bookings as their online scheduling platform may not feel comfortable and/or be able to use the website to schedule their appointment. They may stop by a front office or call in to an administrative staff for help scheduling their appointments. Therefore, having administrative staff that can schedule on behalf of a student is advised. This article will show the two ways you can book an appointment in MS Bookings for someone else.


Method 1; *Recommended

  1. Open the service link you would typically send to a student to book their own appointment
  2. Ask the student what time works best for them in their schedule and select that time on the booking calendar
  3. Ask the student for responses to the requested intake form questions and type them in
  4. Click "Book"
  5. The student will receive confirmation and reminders to the email and/or phone number you entered when you booked the appointment for them, they will also have the option to manage their own appointment


Method 2; Only available if you are an Administrator of the Calendar

  1. Sign in to the MS Bookings calendar you are booking the service on
  2. Select the "Calendar" tab on the left-side menu
  3. Click "+ New booking"
  4. Select the service type you need to book from the drop down menu
  5. Fill in the Customer information
  6. Edit customer details and notes
    1. It is not recommended to select "Don't send customer an email confirmation." when scheduling an appointment for someone else
    2. It is recommended to select "Let customer manage their appointment when it was booked by you or your staff on their behalf"
    3. It is up to the "customer" if they'd like a meeting invite in addition to the confirmation email, so when booking their appointment, ask them if it would be helpful to receive this in addition to the usual confirmation/reminder emails
  7. Complete the Service details section
    1. Ensure you have the correct service type selected
    2. Choose a day and time that works well for the "customer"/student and the person who they'd like to book with (you will see an availability notice next to the staff member's name)
    3. Fill out the intake form questions for the service
    4. Optional: edit the confirmation and reminder messages
  8. Click "Save"


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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