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  • How do I edit my business information in MS Bookings?
  • How do I add or change my department's information into the contact information on Bookings?


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In Microsoft Bookings, the Business Information page within the web app contains all the details that you'd typically find on a business' or department's "About us" or "Contact" page. These details include your a relevant name, address, phone number, web site URL, privacy policy URL, logo, and business hours.

The information you provide here will be displayed on in the footer the page customers and clients use to book appointments (known as the booking page) and in messages and reminders sent to them by Bookings.


Method 1

  1. From the MS Bookings webpage, select the "Business Information" tab on the left-side menu
  2. Fill in your information in the different entry boxes. Here is a translation of how each of the "Business" terms can be understood within the University context:

Business Name 

[Your department name] 

Business Address 

[Your department’s primary address] 

Business Phone 

[Your department’s primary phone] 

Send customer replies to 

[If you have a service account you could put that here] 

Website URL 

[Your department’s public web address] 

Privacy policy URL 

Terms and conditions URL 


Business Type 



USD ($) 

Business Logo: Upload your department’s logo if creating a department-wide Booking Calendar, or your professional headshot if creating an individual Booking Calendar.

Business hours: This is used for overall business hours. Microsoft defaults to standard business hours. You can still specify the hours for each “service.” Think of this as your department’s business hours. If you want to add different hours at different times of the day, click the “+” to specify.  


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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