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  • What is the OSU-Students list?
  • Where can I view messages sent to the OSU-Students list?


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The OSU-Students list is a Mailman list used to send official communications to all OSU students.

The list membership is automatically updated by information from Banner records. There are additional auto-synchronized lists for first-term students, transfer students, specific majors, etc. 

Posting to OSU-Students

For questions about posting to any students lists, contact the Registrar's Office.

Log of Emails Sent to OSU-Students

A log of all messages posted to the OSU-Students list is publicly available here: https://registrar.oregonstate.edu/log-emails-sent-students-student-communications-2019-2020

Known Issues

  1. I am not receiving messages sent to the OSU-Students List.
    • Check your junk mail folder
    • Note that only students receive messages sent to the OSU-Students list
  2. Where can I view messages sent to the OSU-Students list?
  3. How do I send a message to the OSU-Students list?
  4. How do I remove myself from the OSU-Students list?
    • Because membership on the OSU-Students list is automatic, we can't remove individuals. You can filter the messages to a folder if you do not wish to read them.


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