MS Bookings - No Confirmation Emails Are Sending


  • Why aren't my appointment confirmation emails sending?
  • How come the students who book appointments with me aren't receiving confirmation emails?


  • Oregon State University
  • OSU Employee
  • MS Bookings


If a Bookings user modified the Customer Information within the Custom Fields of a service to not collect the "customer email" field, then Bookings cannot send the confirmation emails. Some users may have added an additional Custom Field to request the student's ONID email address, but Bookings does not read that field for confirmation emails.


Method 1

  1. From the MS Bookings webpage, select the "Services" tab on the left-side menu
  2. Select the service that is not sending confirmation emails
  3. Click the "Modify" button under the Custom Fields area
  4. Click "customer email" so that it is highlighted in grey

    Image with step 3 and 4 highlighted:

  5. Click "required" next to "customer email" so a check mark appears
  6. Click "Ok" to leave this screen
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Navigate to the booking page and test that the confirmation email sends




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