MS Bookings - Can I Use Zoom For My Meetings With The 9/10/20 Passcode Requirement


  • Can I use Zoom for my meetings scheduled in Bookings now that they have to have a passcode?
  • How does the 9/10/20 passcode requirement influence how I can use Zoom for my appointments that are scheduled in Bookings?
  • Can Bookings use embedded links, so that I don't have to manually go back into each meeting to set up a passcode or embedded link?


  • Oregon State University
  • OSU Employee
  • MS Bookings


On 9/10/20 Zoom added a security feature to require passcodes for all meetings. If a Bookings user had their Zoom room entered in the "Default Location" of their services within Bookings, they will need to update those links with their new passcode protected join links.

Method 1

  1. After adding the passcode setting to your Zoom rooms, log in to Bookings
  2. Click on the "Services" tab on the left-side menu
  3. Open a Service that has your old Zoom room links
  4. Update the Zoom join link that is in the "Default Location" field of the Service with the new longer link that has the "pwd" embedded into it so that the person booking with them (likely a student) can click on that link to join without having to manually enter the passcode
  5. Copy the entire new Zoom meeting Invitation into the Confirmation Email so that the person booking with them can see the passcode in case they need to enter it, and so they have the information to join the meeting via telephone
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each Service that has a Zoom link that does not have a passcode embedded in it



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