AWA - How Do I Find Job History For Workflows (Jobs) Run in the Past


  • How do I find the prompts/parameters used to run a workflow in the past 410 days?
  • How can I download the output from a previous execution of workflow run in AWA (or Appworx) in the past 410 days?


  • Oregon State University
  • Faculty/Staff
  • People who use or run scheduled jobs/workflows
  • Appworx or AWA users


You need information about an execution of a workflow performed within AWA or Appworx within the past 410 days.  History includes:

  • Requestor
  • Time/Date workflow was run
  • Prompts (parameters) provided as input for that execution
  • Status
  • Job output

This activity is performed in AWA and must be run by a person with access to AWA and permission to run the workflow being queried.

You will need to select the workflow name from a list of workflows you have permission to run, enter a range of dates in which the workflow was run and (optionally) provide the ONID of the person who ran the workflow.



Run JOBP.GENERAL.AWA_JOB_PROMPT_HISTORY, per these step-by-step instructions.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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