Oregon Exposure Notifications

Heads up! The Oregon Exposure Notification Pilot is now concluded. Thank you to all who participated in making this a successful pilot. If you would like to uninstall Oregon Exposure Notifications from your device, please see these instructions. Oregon State's collective experience with the pilot will inform the State of Oregon's plans for statewide rollout which is expected in early 2021.

Oregon State University worked with the Oregon Health Authority to pilot Oregon Exposure Notifications, a smartphone-based system developed by Google and Apple that sends users an alert when they’ve had a high-risk exposure to COVID-19.

About the Pilot

The Oregon Exposure Notifications app was made available as an early release to specific groups of users by the Oregon Health Authority, in preparation for making it available state-wide. This method used the Bluetooth on your smartphone to quickly notify you if another user might have exposed you to COVID-19. This technology was powered by Apple and Google, and allowed you to:

  • Receive anonymous alerts if you had been in close contact with another user who later tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Anonymously alert other users you were in close contact with if you test positive for coronavirus, without sharing any personal information.

Oregon Exposure Notifications can help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It gives you an easy, automated way to find out if you might have been close to another person who tested positive for COVID-19 for a sustained period of time, and connects you with the resources you need if you are exposed. It does all this while preserving your privacy, and ensuring you are in control of your information. Using Oregon Exposure Notifications is entirely your choice and you can turn the system off or deactivate the app at any time. Oregon Exposure Notifications will never collect, track, or store your location, GPS information, or personal information.

The early release of the app is intended to help the Oregon Health Authority understand how the app can best support the health of the people of Oregon. The app is expected to be available state-wide in January, 2021, and will be available to everyone in Oregon at that time.


Oregon State is linking the Oregon Exposure Notification pilot with TRACE-OSU. Pilot participants who receive an exposure notification will be invited to get a free follow-up COVID-19 test to help understand the impact of their exposure. Learn more about the TRACE-OSU program.

Uninstall Oregon Exposure Notifications

iOS Devices

Note: in most cases, the configuration on iOS will simply remove itself once expired. However, if a user wishes to remove the configuration before this expiration, they can follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Settings > Exposure Notifications.
  2. Tap 'Active Region'
  3. Tap 'Oregon Health Authority'.
  4. Scroll down and tap  'Remove Region' and tap 'Remove Region' again to confirm.
  5. Go back to Settings > Exposure Notifications.
  6. Tap 'Turn Off Exposure Notifications' and tap 'Turn Off and Delete Data' to confirm.
  7. Go to Settings > General, and tap 'Profile'.
  8. Tap on the 'ENX Configuration Internal Testing' profile.
  9. Tap 'Remove Profile', enter your device pin code, and then tap 'Remove' to confirm
  10. Restart your device.
Android Devices
  1. Simply uninstall the app to opt out of exposure notifications.
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