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  • The Mailto and Mailform tools are being decommissioned in 2021.


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The Mailto and Mailform applications are being retired due to security challenges, limited use, and overall age. The functionality of these tools has either been replaced by other systems and services or is no longer needed. You can find links to both tools below:

After reviewing usage data, we believe the Mailto application is not being used. We plan to retire this application on Tuesday, January 19th, at 9:00 am. However, the Mailform application is still being used, and the Digital Experience team will reach out to the owners of the pages using this application to help the transition to a different service.

The functionality of both applications has been replaced by other services. One of these tools has recently generated a nontrivial amount of spam. Both tools also run on legacy infrastructure that is no longer supportable and due to be retired.


If you believe you are using Mailto, please contact the Digital Experience team for assistance.



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