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  • Oregon State University
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In 2018 the Ray Baum act was passed.  It requires OSU to provide dispatchable location information to the 911 Call Center when a 911 call is placed.  Starting in 2022 OSU is also required by this law to provide dispatchable location information for softphone users. 

Your OSU phone number is tied to one of OSU's campus locations.  A 911 call from the softphone will appear to be coming from that OSU's campus and the call will be routed to the nearest 911 Call center for that campus location.  Having the call routed to the wrong 911 center will cause unnecessary delays and if you are unable to communicate your location the 911 dispatcher and first responders may not be able to locate you.  The Sentry Gatekeeper app solves that problem,

The Sentry Gatekeeper application is designed to run on a user's laptop or workstation and enables them to provide an accurate location so that a 911 call is routed to the closet and correct 911 Call center.  It can be installed on either a laptop or workstation running Window OS.  Multiple addresses can be entered and maintained so that they only need to check their current location.

How does it work?

When the application is correctly configured, the address entered by the user is recorded, along with the OSU phone number, in an E911 database.  If the user dials 911 using the softphone, the telephone system along with the E911 system sends the user's current address to the closest 911 Call Center dispatcher.  To be sure the information is correct, the user must enter their location address into Gatekeeper.  Several addresses can be pre-entered into Gatekeeper and can be chosen when they move from one location to another.   

The Gatekeeper application is only required when using the softphone application.  If using a physical phone on campus the OSU phone system will provide the dispatchable location to the 911 Call Center.


The installer, license file, user guide, and video are located here:

For a video guide on installing Sentry Gatekeeper, go to to watch an installation video.

Installing Sentry Gatekeeper

  1. Go to and log in with your Oregon State University account
  2. Download Sentry Gatekeeper Setup 1.3.0-r1215.1.exe and the OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY-gatekeeper.json to your device.
  3. Run Sentry Gatekeeper Setup 1.3.0-r1215.1.exe as an Administrator. If you do not have Admin access on your device, please contact the Service Desk.
  4. A "Windows protected your PC" notification may appear. If it does, select More info and then select Run Anyways.

  6. Enter your Admin Credentials, and the installer will appear. On this page:
    • Select Only for me if you are the only user that will be using Avaya on this device.
    • Select Anyone who uses this computer if multiple users will be using Avaya on this device.

    • Select Next
  7. Choose an Install Location. The default location for this program is recommended. Once a location is set, select Next.
  8. The program will automatically install on your device. Once it finishes, make sure "Run Sentry Gatekeeper" is checked and click Finish.

    Install Finished check Run Sentry Gatekeeper.
  9. Gatekeeper will start and the first thing it needs is for you to enter a license file.
    Check I have a license
  10. Click on the "I have a license" link. 

Licensing and First-Time Setup

  1. If you didn't download the OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY-gatekeeper.json file go to and log in with your Oregon State University account and download it now.
  2. Open Sentry Gatekeeper if it is not already open.
  3. Select File and then select Load License

  4. Navigate to OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY-gatekeeper.json and Open it
  5. Once the license is loaded, Sentry Gatekeeper should ask for your Name and Phone Number. Enter your Name and the full eleven digits of your phone number starting with the US country code "1", area code, and seven digits of your phone number without any spaces or other characters.  When done press "Set"
    • If Sentry Gatekeeper loads infinitely, open your Task Manager and end the Sentry Gatekeeper program. Then return to step 4 and try again.

  6. The next step is to enter your location.  You can enter multiple locations if you need to and the application will retain those so that you only need to select your current location when the application starts.

    Enter locations
  7. Set your location by pressing the + sign in the bottom-left-hand corner. Enter the address where your device is located (often your home address) on this page, and press Validate.
    • If you are connected to a WiFi network, you can press "Find Me On Map" and it will attempt to automatically find you.

  8. Once your address is validated, press Save.
  9. After your address is saved, a new bar with your address will appear. Press the Check-Mark to set your address.  This is important as your address is unprovisioned up to that point and is not going to be shared as your actual address if you dial 911.  The Gatekeeper application will popup a nag to remind you until you do this final step.

    Once you press the check-mark your address is provisioned, the address bar will turn green and the application will pop up a notification that your address has been provisioned.  You can minimize the application and it will continue to run in the background.


Invalid Address

If you receive "Address is invalid", this error is stating the address is not valid. This error can occur for many reasons. One such reason could be that a new location has not yet been verified as a valid US Postal service address and/or has not been entered into the Master Street Address Guide. Please make sure you have entered a valid address including the city, state, and zip code. It may be helpful to verify the address using
If you have verified the address is correct and valid but Gatekeeper will not accept it, please email with details of the address. 911 Secure will follow up with the necessary research and get the address verified and entered into Master Street Address Guide.

Number in Use

This error is stating that the number is currently being used in the VPC database. If this is your number, please click on USE THIS NUMBER and continue to set your current location. If this is not your number, please click on RE-ENTER INFO.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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