Kaltura: Add a Transcript to Your Video for Alignment


Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. Among its features is the ability to upload an existing transcript file for alignment, converting that transcript into captions.


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  • How do I turn a transcript into captions for my video?


Kaltura has the ability to turn a text transcript file into captions for a video. There is no cost for this service.

Requesting Transcript Alignment

  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click the thumbnail or title of the video to which you'd like to add the transcript
  3. Beneath the video, choose Caption & Enrich from the ACTIONS menu

  4. From the Feature: menu, choose Alignment
  5. Click the Upload txt button that appears
  6. Click the Select file button to select your transcript file
  7. Optionally, you can give your transcript a title and description here
  8. After the transcript file has uploaded, click the Save button
  9. Click the Submit button to begin the alignment

Your transcript will be aligned to the voice speech in the video within a few minutes, producing captions.

Note: Your ASR captions will not appear in your video until you have clicked the "Show On Player" button.

Publishing Captions

After your captions are ready, it is advised that you review your captions and edit them, if necessary, to improve their accuracy.

Whether you review your captions for accuracy or not, captions produced from a transcript alignment are NOT published by default. After the transcript alignment, you must then publish your captions.

To publish your captions:

  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click the Edit button for the desired media
  3. Click the Captions tab
  4. In the Actions section, click the "Show On Player" button as demonstrated in the animation below.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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