MS Bookings - Required FERPA Compliance Update


  • How do I complete the required FERPA compliance update to my Bookings Calendar?
  • How do I edit the Customer data usage consent option on my Bookings Calendar?
  • How do I make my Bookings Calendar FERPA compliant?


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  • MS Bookings


MS Bookings needs to be FERPA compliant. When students book their appointments, they can use any email address, but should be using your ONID email account if they have one. This KB article explains how to use the Customer data usage consent feature of MS Bookings to comply with FERPA requirements.


Method 1

1. Sign in to the MS Bookings webpage


2. From the MS Bookings webpage, select the "Booking Page" tab on the left-side menu, here you will see the "Customer data usage consent" area


3. Check the box next to "Show a personal data collection and usage consent toggle along with a message on my booking page" so a blue check mark appears, and enter the data collection and usage terms "OSU students are expected to provide their OSU email addresses when booking advising appointments. If you do not provide your OSU email address  - for example, if you are a prospective student -- you consent to OSU sending advising appointment reminders to the email address you provide above."


4. Click the blue "Save and publish" button at the top of the page


5. Open your published Bookings page to confirm your changes were saved correctly. You will see the check box and the text you added before the "Book" button.



View a video tutorial here.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.



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