Connections to Administrative Oracle Databases


  • How do I make a connection to an administrative database?
  • My query, report or database connection suddenly shows a connection error
  • I get an error when trying to get Banner or data warehouse data.
  • I've been told to update my tnsnames.ora file.  What do I need to change?
  • I see a BI Query User - #1459 error when connecting to OSU's Data Warehouses


  • Oregon State University
  • Queries, reports and extracts


This document applies to applications or vendors who have accounts allowing them to establish a connection to an administrative database.  The connection may be embedded in an application, in a tnsnames.ora file or configured manually within a tool.

With the migration of administrative computers and databases to Oracle's cloud infrastructure in October-November 2021, server names will change, and users who are responsible for an application that connects to those databases or those who have installed software on their systems to do so (such as BI Query, Tableau, MS Access or SQL developer) will need to update their connection strings.  The new connection strings are outlined below and can be updated at any time before the systems moveWe encourage you to do this now!  After migration, only the new connection strings will be valid. 

Database move proposed schedule:

  • October 18, 2021 - October 26, 2021 (development move):             DEVL, ODDEVL, OSDEVL, SEED, DWDEVL
  • October 27 2021 - November 6, 2021 (development move):            DEV2, ODDEV2, OSDEV2
  • November 8, 2021 - November 16, 2021 (pre-production move):    PPRD, OSPPRD
  • Week of November 22-24:                                                                Go/No-go Decision
  • November 25, 2021 - November 28, 2021 (production move):      PROD, ODPROD, OSPROD

Administrative applications supported by UIT Administrative Technologies (such as Banner, AWA, MyDegrees, Hyland OnBase and Online Services) will be updated centrally. 

Additional related documentation:



Updating software with a connection that existed prior to September 30, 2021:

  1. If you do not have administrative access, work with whomever helped install or configure the software on your machine.
  2. For software like BI Query or SQL Developer that rely on a tnsnames.ora file, locate and edit that file.  There may be more than one file installed on a computer.  The file most commonly resides in C:\Oracle\Ora11\network\admin
  3. Edit the file with an editor such as Notepad, change any host names listed in the "Old host name" column, below, to the "New host name" (in tnsnames.ora, only the "" portion of the connection string needs to change).
  4. Save the file as a plain text file.
  5. For software where connection strings are configured within the application, consult product documentation for establishing or editing an existing database connection to change any strings listed in the "Old Connection String" column, below, to the "New Connection String" 

Table of connection string changes

Old Connection String = connection strings that will stop working in October 2021 (*DEV* and *PPRD* systems) or November 25, 2021 (*PROD* systems).
New Connection String = connection strings that are valid and can be used any time from September 2021 onward.

Old host name New host name


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