Training program certificate in Bridge


  • Why can't I see my program training certificate?


  • Bridge 


There are two potential causes: 1) User did not meet all expectations in the training program; 2) Users didn't see the certificate in the training program. 


If there is one course in the training program, then you must receive the required passing score in order for Bridge to mark completion for the course. 

If there are multiple courses in a training program, then you must receive the required score in all of the courses in the program in order to have program completion certificate. 

When all training expectations are met, you will receive a completion certificate. If you don’t see the certificate right away, you can return to Bridge main page (for students) or (for employees), and you should see this program is marked as completed for you. If your Bridge is set as “list view”, the certificate link is underneath the title of the program; If your Bridge is set as “grid view”, you can click on “details” on the program card and access the certificate from the fly-out menu on the right side of your screen. In either view, you can also click into the program, and retrieve the certificate via the “certificate” button in the program banner.


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