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UIT - Academic Technologies has a new media creation tool at the Faculty Media Center: The FMC Lightboard. This article explains what the FMC Lightboard is and some basic tips for it's use. 


  • What is the FMC Lightboard and how do I use it?


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More information and tips for using the FMC Lightboard is available here.

About the FMC Lightboard

The FMC Lightboard is a great tool for creating compelling, visually dynamic videos to effectively communicate and connect with students.

The FMC Lightboard is a large, 60-inch crystal clear glass board that allows a presenter to create visual and written demonstrations while facing the video camera. Internal lighting makes fluorescent markers appear to glow and float on the screen. The presenter stands behind the glass and writes on the Lightboard, just like a whiteboard. A preset camera records the presentation through the Lightboard and automatically flips the image. A PowerPoint slide or any other visual media can be superimposed on the Lightboard via a computer for live annotations. Sound is recorded using a provided microphone.



Tips for using the FMC Lightboard

The Lightboard is an intuitive and simple tool for creating instructional media. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • When preparing for a Lightboard session, it's best to wear darker clothing without any written material or distracting pattern or graphics.
  • Powerpoint presentations need to have a black background. You can add dots on the glass ahead of time to help annotate your PowerPoint slides during your presentation.
  • Leave a window for yourself on the screen and draw around your image.
  • Be sure to address the camera when not writing on the Lightboard.

Still have questions?

To learn more about the FMC Lightboard or to schedule an appointment, visit the Faculty Media Center website:



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