Set up MFA in Salesforce using Salesforce Authenticator


How do I add Salesforce Authenticator MFA to my Salesforce account?


Salesforce now requires MFA for users.


  • Oregon State University
    • Service Accounts
    • Non-OSU Salesforce users


  1. Sign into your Salesforce instance.
  2. You will be prompted to connect Salesforce Authenticator.
    1. To use the Salesforce Authenticator you will need to install it on a mobile device.
      1. Using the Google Play Store or the App Store, search for "Salesforce Authenticator" and install the app.
    2. Open the Salesforce Authenticator app.
      1. Tap "Add an Account"
      2. Type the two word phrase into the Salesforce page and click connect.
      3. Tap "Connect" in the Salesforce Authenticator app.
  3. You are now successfully signed in.
  • The next time that you sign into Salesforce you will be prompted to check your mobile device.
  • Review the notification from the Salesforce Authenticator app and tap "Approve".
  • You are now signed into Salesforce.


If you experience difficulty following these steps please submit a request for help using the Salesforce - Request assistance form.


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