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  • How do I configure my list to allow people to post without moderation?


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There are a couple of ways that Mailman controls who can send to a list. First, you will want to review the settings for members and moderation. Then you will want to check the settings for non-member senders.


Allow List Members to Send without Moderation

  1. In the admin interface, select Membership Management->Membership List
  2. Uncheck the "mod" box for each member and click "Submit your Changes" at the bottom. Note that the list of members may have multiple pages.
  3. Select Privacy Options->Sender Filters
  4. Set default_member_moderation to "No" - this tells Mailman not to set moderation on new members.
  5. Scroll down and click "Submit your changes."

Allow Non-Members to Send without Moderation

  1. Select Privacy Options->Sender Filters
  2. In accept_these_nonmembers, enter the email addresses of non-members who should be able to send.
  3. Note that it is not recommended to set generic_nonmember_action to "Accept" because that can allow spammers to send to the list.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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