Docusign - Student Employees Can't Access Docusign Forms Sent to Shared Mailbox


  • Our student employee has access to a shared mailbox that receives DocuSign Forms. When they try to access the Docusign forms, they get a permission error like "Authentication Error. The login information provided does not match the account for this envelope."


  • Oregon State University
  • Student Employee
  • Docusign


OSU end-users can only sign in to Docusign with their ONID account.

Student employees are typically given a second account (an "se-" account) for Exchange email access. The student employee account is granted access to the shared mailbox, but cannot be used to sign in to Docusign.


Ask IT to Add the Student ONID to the Shared Mailbox Security Group

Ask your IT team to add the student employee's ONID account to the security group that has access to the shared mailbox. When the student clicks a Docusign link in the shared mailbox, they should sign in with their ONID account.

Note: IT teams will need to remember to remove the student's ONID account from the security group when offboarding their student employee account.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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