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  • How do I use the Visitor Wireless network at OSU?


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The Visitor network at OSU is provided through a partnership with an external Internet service provider. It is free for use and is intended for visitors from off-campus. OSU employees and students are encouraged to use the eduroam or OSU_Secure wireless networks instead.


Connect to Visitor

  1. Once you have connected to Visitor open any web browser.
  2. If you don't see the Visitor sign-in page, try to go to any webpage (e.g. or open an additional tab and you should be redirected to the Visitor sign-in page.
  3. Select the Accept option.
  4. This should grant internet access on the Visitor network for about four (4) hours.  
  5. After the four hours, repeating steps 1-4 will allow for an additional four hours of Internet access.

Additional Information:

  • A login/agreement appears every four (4) hours.
  • Capacity of this network is limited.
  • OSU does not provide support for this free service.
  • OSU does not guarantee that this free service will work for everyone; nor does the 3rd-party provider. 
  • This is NOT intended as a replacement for eduroam or OSU_Secure. It’s strictly a free service provided as a temporary convenience for visitors to OSU.
  • This network will not be appropriate for anyone authorized to use our existing OSU networks.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.



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