Connecting Devices to ResNet


  • How do I connect my devices to ResNet?
  • Where do I go to connect my devices to ResNet?


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It is possible to connect your game consoles and Network Media Players to the Residential Network to play online games or stream shows. However, each of these devices has a hardware address that must be registered with ResNet for the device to have access to the network.

You will need to provide your own Ethernet cable, which can be purchased at the OSU Beaver Store.
(Please note that a phone cable will not work for the ResNet network See pictures of the two types of cables)


Please follow the steps for your residence hall:

Wired Network Registration in Corvallis Residence Halls

The process for wired network registration in Corvallis residence halls is as follows:

  1. Connect your wired network device to the port in your room.
  2. Go to on a separate device with an Internet connection, such as a smart phone
  3. Login with your ONID Username and password
    • Complete Duo Authentication when prompted
  4. Click on 'Manage your ResNet internet connection' under 'Services'
  5. In the upper-right corner, you should see your device's MAC address automatically detected. Click the green button that says "Register" to register it. If it is already registered, you will see the word "Registered" in green instead.
  6. If your device's mac address is not automatically detected, you can enter it under "Manually Register Device" at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Once you have registered your device, please wait 45 minutes for our systems to update. You should then have network access.

OSU-Cascades Residence Halls

  1. Find your computer's MAC address
    • For help, see: Guide: Find Mac Address

    • If the device is not a computer (E.g. PS3, XBox, etc) please contact the manufacturer to assist you in finding the MAC address.
  2. Register your MAC address at: (must be on campus to log in)
  3. Plug the network cable into your device and into the green jack in your room.
  4. Wait 30 minutes for the change to take effect

Note: Each user can register up to 10 devices only for use in OSU-Cascades residence halls.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.