Google Drive Data Lost After Leaving OSU


  • Where is my ONID Google Drive Data?


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When a person leaves OSU, their account is deleted.  All Google data belongs to individual accounts. When an account is deleted, the associated Google data is deleted as well.

There is a 20 day window after OSU deletes an account that the data is recoverable by OSU administrators.  If the 20 day window passes, the data cannot be recovered.  There is no escalation process by which Google can recover OSU data past this time.


  • Ensure your employee off-boarding process includes asking whether the person has department or team data stored in Google Suite.  If so, they must move this data to another system or change the ownership to another approved employee.
  • If data loss is identified within 20 days of the employee leaving the university, submit a ticket to the Service Desk for an administrator to determine if data recovery is possible.
  • Use Box to store department data. Box is the officially supported and recommended cloud storage and collaboration platform for OSU. Box folders can be configured as institutional or organizational folders that are not removed when accounts are deleted. See the Box FAQ for details on setting up a Box institutional folder.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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