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Mailman is a mailing list program, sometimes called a "listserv." If you have a group or organization that needs an efficient means of communication via email, you may create a Mailman list.

Mailman lists at OSU include the following features:

  • Post moderation
  • Spam filters
  • Archiving
  • Digest options
  • Auto-response

In addition, Mailman lists can be synchronized with Banner data or Grouper groups upon request. By default, Mailman lists do not appear in the Exchange global address book.

Who has access to Mailman?
To create a mailing list through Mailman, you must be associated with OSU and have an ONID account.

Who can join my mailing list?
Anyone with an email address may join a mailing list made through Mailman, whether they have OSU email or not. However, some lists require moderator approval before they allow new members to join.

How do I access Mailman?
You can access Mailman at:

What is a List Admin?
The administrator of a mailing list, also known as the owner. They have the power to add or remove subscribers, edit sending permissions to the list, add moderators or other admins, or even archive the list. The guide for list admins can be found here:

What is a List Member/Subscriber?
Any email address that is set to receive emails from a certain list. The guide for list members can be found here:

How do I change my name or email address in Mailman?
Contact the Service Desk to make this change globally across all lists.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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